Who we are – Quality College Care Packages

SendACarePackage.com is headquartered in Chicago, IL. We are a small business with big business experience. Our founders have worked for Fortune 500 companies doing product development as well as technology. We pride ourselves on using top quality products and providing excellent customer service.

What we do

We make your favorite college student happier and more successful. And we let you show them how much you care. It doesn’t matter to us if you care, care more or care the most; we will always put the maximum care into making sure your message gets through. We pride ourselves on developing themed college care packages that will hit the mark — and we even let you schedule your shipment in advance so you don’t miss finals, Halloween, or Just Because. Whether you Care, Care More or Care Most, you’ll want to send our college care packages or our get well care packages.

Don’t just send a bunch of junk in a box – SendACarePackage.com

Why Care Packages?

Connecting through Cardboard — and awesome treats!

In this uber-connected digital world, it’s almost too easy to stay in touch. Tweets, texts, posts, pins, IMs, PMs, snaps and ‘grams — been there. Done that! But isn’t it about time we put some substance—and stuff—behind these connections? SendACarePackage.com was launched to share love, encouragement, care and compassion. The idea is simple. The impact is profound—and tasty, too! Next time you find yourself texting your beloved college student, intern, parent, bestie, or SO, we double-dog dare you to put some substance behind that message. Send a care package from SendACarePackage.com. We’re certain a SendACarePackage is a message that will be heard (and enjoyed) loud and clear!

Who Are We?

Mickey Fitzgerald, Chief of Stuff

Mickey is our resident visionary, founder, and the one with a passion for pretzels. Okay, not really pretzels, but she brings nearly 20 years of Fortune 500-level negotiating and buying expertise and product development prowess to SendACarePackage.com. A thoughtful and creative curator of sweet and delightful treats, Mickey designs the love that gets packed into each and every SendACarePackage. During her free time … wait! Strike that. She doesn’t have any!

John Fitzgerald, Chief Cardboard Officer

John is our King of Cardboard, and by that we mean operations. An engineer in the real world, John brings the business brain to the table. A self-confessed proponent (addict, actually) of all things tech and data, he also likes to sample the many product prototypes, much to Mickey’s dismay. In short, he is a cereal-loving serial entrepreneur. John is also proud to be a board member of Community Counseling Centers of Chicago – C4 is a community mental health organization that helps thousands of Chicagoans receive mental health counseling every year.

Our Passion Projects

Philanthropy is a core value at SendACarePackage.com. Our hope is to win the lottery and donate the winnings to the many worthy causes we support. In the meantime, we support organizations that provide direct support to families in need. Projects about which we are particularly passionate are the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Lakeview Food Pantry. Our passion for the AFSP arises from the simple fact that we lost someone near and dear and awesome to suicide in 2001. Our passion for the Lakeview Food Pantry is quite simple: there are too many hungry families in our communities. Food is a basic need. We want to help meet that need. We have donated hundreds of pounds of food to the pantry over the past few months.

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